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English Communication Ⅱ

time 2018/06/10

タイトル English Communication Ⅱ: Specially designed for Japanese classrooms.
作者 Rachel MacLennan
発売日 2018年4月1日
価格 定価:本体1620円(税込)
判型 A4判
ページ数 110ページ


This unique class communication textbook is based on a three term school year, starting in April. It was designed to be taught straight through from cover to cover however, everything is optional and it is up to individual teachers to decide which activities would be best for their class and when. With over twenty topics and lesson themes to choose from there is no chance that there isn’t going to be something in there to spark interest in even the most difficult, ‘too cool for school’, students. It includes summer and winter holiday activities as well as a couple of extra lessons, depending on how quickly a class goes through materials. It is set up as a simple grab and go class activity textbook and requires minimum prep from the teacher. The hope is that this will significantly cut down on wasted time printing off pages upon pages of materials for students, not to mention the time inquired for lesson planning and organization. This will allow teachers time to focus on how to better present different topics, ideas and discussions that will further student engagement in the English language. If the teacher is able to have time to think about how to improve the lesson and add extra activities or personal stories and experiences to enhance their students’ learning, then everyone wins. If the teacher is having fun, the students are having fun, probably…